How to submit tools

Do you have a cool tool, method or idea that has helped you on your scientific journey? 
By participating in Gl!c, you can share your knowledge with others by contributing a tool or firestarter.
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What ignites your fire?

Is there a hot topic you think more people should know about? Or is there a gap in knowledge that you think you can contribute to? Figure out what ignites your scientific flame and share it with our Glic community. Check out our community for inspiration.

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Create your tool

Once you’ve found your topic, get to work! Make your topic as engaging as possible, be creative. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.  

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Check the specifics

Check out our guidelines to make sure your work meets all the requirements before submitting.

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Submit your final article and video to Glic and await approval. Soon you’ll see your article on our website and you’ll officially be a Glic contributor with your own page.


What is a “Tool”?

A tool is a short video with an accompanying article that is meant to describe a method or procedure that can be reproduced with limited resources to aid in the scientific process.

What is a “Firestarter”?

The theory or science behind hot scientific topics tailored to inspire young innovators to take action, or incorporate the theory in their projects and ideas.

1. What is the aim of your tool/firestarter?

  • Do you want to share a geeky invention that has helped you?
  • Are you aiming to develop the user's skills?
  • Are you aiming to get people interested in your developing field?
  • Is there a topic that gets you really excited?  
  • What are the top tips you would give to fellow activists/inventors?
  • Which resources do you use and find super helpful?

Don’t shy away from hot topics, highlighting the relevance of your tool. Don’t be afraid to talk about uncertainties and gaps in knowledge, this is what sparks innovation!

Don’t be afraid of presenting an ambitious tool idea

2. Check your content

Is there background knowledge necessary?

  • Depending on the background knowledge required, consider writing a firestarter for your tool, or splitting up your tool into multiple parts.

Separate your necessary factual content from unnecessary content in the context of this article.

You can link further reading that may be insightful, but not necessary, for your article (make sure it is open access).

Feel free to include downloadable example files, resources, and longer cheat sheets or articles (keeping in mind anything uploaded must be content you have created).

How does your “tool” relate to you? Do you have a story to tell? Consider pulling from personal experiences, or using clever metaphors, humour, anecdotes etc.

3. Know your audience:

Prior Education: The Glic is aimed at non university educated individuals.

Use of Key terms: Reduce use of jargon as much as possible, if absolutely necessary define your key terms.

Demographic: The Glic is aimed at a young age demographic.

4. Consider social/cultural context

The Glic is a platform for sharing of scientific knowledge; political and cultural opinions should be kept out of your article.

5. Encourage dialogue with your audience

Encourage dialogue with and between audience members to get ideas flowing! You could use rhetorical dialogue, polls, or other interactive elements.

6. Practical guidelines *

Wordcount: Less than 1000 words.

Figures: As many as possible, included in the text document (these should be your own, or royalty free).

Video (you can either film this yourself or we come to you with our crew depending on location): Unedited footage, less than 7min let us know if you have any special editing requests.

Referencing: APA formatted references at the end of your text (no in text referencing necessary)

If you exceed any of these requirements, consider breaking up your text into multiple articles.

*These guidelines are not firm, please contact us if you have questions.

7. Submission details

Submit a firestarter topic to be approved via this form, this includes:

  • Topic and background
  • Headshot and personal bio

Once the topic is approved, get to writing and filming! When you’re done, submit it via this form  and it will be peer reviewed by moderators/contributors.

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